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Why                 WYMAN?


   Wyman is a magical venue nestled in the woods just next to Six Flags! The warm professional staff go out of their way to make your day exceptional.  As a wedding vendor it makes our job a piece of cake when a venue is on top of their game. All of my vendors want to work at Wyman because the staff makes it such a fun experience. Are you looking for a traditional wedding with a zest of excitement? Camp Wyman won't let you down.

   Over night "Glamping", zip lining, rock climbing, hiking the over 300 acre slice of heaven just mins away from the hustle and bustle of the big city. On warm days you can even hear the train whistling from near by Six Flags. Camp Wyman is a retreat of enchantment and adventure! Sure to be a hit with your family and friends as they celebrate your big day! 

       am super proud to be a part of this team! Jason and his crew would be thrilled to give you a tour! For more information or to reserve your package, contact us today by phone at 636-549-1258 or by email at            

About Wyman

Wyman, a 501(c)3 not-for-profit and proud member of the United Way, has been dedicated to serving youth from disadvantaged circumstances for more than a century. Wyman empowers teens, equips adults and strengthens systems. Wyman’s engaging, empowering and experiential programs and services help teens build skills, develop a sense of self, and connections to their world. As a result, teens achieve educational success, develop healthy behaviors and relationships, and exhibit life and leadership skills. From thousands of teens in St. Louis - to tens of thousands nationally - Wyman programs and services make a difference in the lives of today’s teens and tomorrow’s leaders. To learn more, visit

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